Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The bible says in 2 Samuel 6:14 - David...danced before the Lord with all his might. 

  When was the last time you danced before your Lord??  What??  You say you don't have reason for dancing??  Well, I will disagree with you.  Dancing is viewed as a form of expression.  Dancing can be used to express emotions, and if you have been washed with the blood of Jesus then you definitely have reason to express your emotion of gratitude and of happiness by dancing for your Savior!! 

  The song for this blog comes from a female vocalist by the name of Kim Boyce, a former Miss Florida and a semi-finalist in 1984's Miss American Pageant, Kim began her Christian singing career in 1985 and she was known as the queen of Christian Pop music in the 80's. 

  She recorded 8 albums with one of them being in spanish.  From the 7 albums, she achieved 11 number one songs.  Her 1987 production "Love is You to me" is where we get the song for this post.  "Dancin' My Heart Away" is a very upbeat song,  and if you found yourself tapping your feet to our last post's song then this will for sure will make you get up and dance for your Lord! 

  Celebrate your salvation, celebrate your eternal life with the Creator of all, Celebrate Jesus!!  Go ahead dance your heart away!  Enjoy:


Garcia said...

LOVE this post Papi! We will be dancing tonight for sure!

Garcia said...

Love the way you dance!
Ask Garcia

Queen Gwennie said...

Sunday would be a great day to worship dancing-style! Great post my friend.

Anonymous said...

thanks for that wonderful song.. keep it up posting lyrics and chords