Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The bible says in 2 Samuel 6:14 - David...danced before the Lord with all his might. 

  When was the last time you danced before your Lord??  What??  You say you don't have reason for dancing??  Well, I will disagree with you.  Dancing is viewed as a form of expression.  Dancing can be used to express emotions, and if you have been washed with the blood of Jesus then you definitely have reason to express your emotion of gratitude and of happiness by dancing for your Savior!! 

  The song for this blog comes from a female vocalist by the name of Kim Boyce, a former Miss Florida and a semi-finalist in 1984's Miss American Pageant, Kim began her Christian singing career in 1985 and she was known as the queen of Christian Pop music in the 80's. 

  She recorded 8 albums with one of them being in spanish.  From the 7 albums, she achieved 11 number one songs.  Her 1987 production "Love is You to me" is where we get the song for this post.  "Dancin' My Heart Away" is a very upbeat song,  and if you found yourself tapping your feet to our last post's song then this will for sure will make you get up and dance for your Lord! 

  Celebrate your salvation, celebrate your eternal life with the Creator of all, Celebrate Jesus!!  Go ahead dance your heart away!  Enjoy:

Friday, March 26, 2010

R U Satisfied

Have you tried about everything this world has to offer to only find yourself not being satisfied???  Well, the song for this post will speak on the issue of being satisfied.  
If you are familiar with Christian Music you have probably heard of the quartet the Imperials, a group that had a big influence in the Christian Music scene for many years.   Besides being a great music group it also served as a launching pad for solo careers for a few of its members, with the most famous one being Russ Taff.  But on this post I will be sharing a song from a former member of the Imperials by the name of Paul Smith, he joined the Imperials after Russ Taff left the quartet and Paul's influence in the group led the Imperials to some great albums.  Paul left the Imperials to pursue a solo career, one that produced 5 albums, of his 5 albums I picked a song from his 1989 album: Back to Who I Am which was his 3rd production.  This song talks about how a person can be completely satisfied by allowing Jesus into their life.  The world will try to get you to buy into all it offers in order to bring you satisfaction, but trust me anything the world has to offer is temporary and empty, what Jesus offers you will bring about a secure feeling and knowledge of satisfication.  With its "pop vibe" this song will have you singing the chorus "So satisfied with Jesus in my life".  Enjoy the song by clicking on the link:So Satisfied

Monday, March 22, 2010

Always Sunday

It has been quite a few months since my last posting.  Between the website Imeem taking away the ease of posting music on here and dealing with me feeling sorry for myself because I was not getting any feedback from anyone beside my wife (Thank You Love for doing that!) I made the decision to stop posting.  You know a Godly wife is such a big blessing in a man's life, and I have to thank her for helping me get back on here.  So, if it is just me posting on this blog so that my wife can learn and hear of new music then that is ok with me. 

I started this Blog to share Christian Music from the era of when I became a Christian, music that really helped me grow and music that I could identify with.  There was a point of my life where I took a big and long detour from the road God had set for me, but I am so grateful for His Love and Mercy and for not ever giving up on me.  I am back on track and the music from that era has helped me stay on the straight and narrow.  

 So, that brings me to the song for this posting...."Sunday's on the Way" from Carman's 1983 album with the same title.  If you know of Carman you know that most of his songs have this theatrical feeling to them, like you can see these songs come alive as he is singing them.  I love this particular song because of how he uses our Lord's resurrection to paint a picture we can easily see in our mind's eye.  I am sure that in your walk with the Lord, there are some days when you feel like giving up, or maybe even taking a detour.  God never promised us an easy road.  We all have moment of low tides, but as Christians we can never forget that we have victory assured.  Sunday is on the yo may be aware our Lord and Savior was crucified on a Friday, and to some it may have seemed like it was all over.....but the story did not end there...when Sunday came around victory over death belonged to our Lord!  Victory over your "Friday" is assured..Your Sunday is today, tomorrow and for as long as you want to claim it!  Enjoy this song! Click on the link to hear the song.  Sunday's On the Way

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


 UPDATE: 23 MARCH 2010 - Link is good.

Are you the type of person who starts something to then just put it aside and leave it until you are ready to pick it up again???   Well this short post will bring you a song that talks about that subject.  The Artist that I will be sharing with you, is one who used to sing in a very famous Christian Band until he went on to a Solo career.  There have been occasions where a Christian Artist has had a bigger singing career as a soloist than when they belonged to a band.  Recent case being TobyMac (from the former DC Talk).  Truth is there are quite a few Christian Artists that have branched out on their own, but today we will focus on just one of them. 

  I am talking about former lead vocals to the band Petra - Greg X. Volz.  Greg parted ways with Petra back in 1985 to spend more time with his family and to pursue a Solo career.  He went on to record over 9 albums, his debut solo album (The River is Rising - 1986) is considered to be his best work ever!  Although I am not sharing a song from that album with you today, I am sharing with you a song from his second Solo release (I Come Out Fighting - 1988). The title of this song is Back Burner.  Click on the link to listen to the song: Back Burner

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rock Band

UPDATE: MARCH 23, 2010 - The link for Let the Kingdom Come (White Heart) and Clean (Petra) is good.
I am sure that you have probably heard of the video game Rock Band....As I was thinking about what songs to share with you this week, every song that came to mind was from a I figured why not borrow the title of the video game to use in my title for this post and play list.  I will keep my comments short on this post so that you can get to the music that much faster, don't want you losing interest.

 The first song comes from a really amazing Christian Rock Band, and even though I will use that word amazing to describe a few other bands, trust me when I say that there has been a few that are not so great.    But anyway, back to this particular band, White Heart is a band that is on my Top 5 list for Christian Rock bands, this particular album (Freedom) from where this song appeared was released in 1989, a solid Album, all of the songs on this album are amazing, musically and lyrically.  There are some really rockin' songs, some nice soft ballads and some nice pop rock in it.  I could probably go on talking about this album, but as I stated earlier I will keep my comments short.  This song I am sharing with you is titled Let The Kingdom Come.  This song starts out with a really catchy bass melody, it starts off slow and then out of now where it explodes!!! As you are listening to the music and its progression, pay close attention to the lyrics, it feels like the lyrics just get even stronger and more meaningful as the tempo gets faster.  If you have let God come into your heart, then I have no doubt that you will find yourself chanting along with White Heart, "Lord, Let Your Kingdom Come"!!!!  Let the Kingdom Come

The next song comes from a group called DeGarmo & Key the name comes from the bands frontmen, Eddie DeGarmo and Dana Key.  The album The Pledge came out in 1989, and even though I wouldn't place them on my list of the top 5 Christian Rock Band they still had good songs and good albums.  Their sound varies from 70's rock to 80's Pop.  This song titled If God Is For Us (Who Can Be Against Us) is not a very fast paced song, and its not a ballad either, its more of a pop song and it did get a lot of play on Christian Radio stations of the time.  I like this song because of the lyrics, we all have times where we may feel like hanging up our gloves, quitting the race, but we should never forget that He who created Heaven & Earth and all that is in it renews our strength so we can go on.  To quote from the song, "If God is for us who can be against us we can live in victory today"!!

To end this post and music play list I will leave you with a song from the group Petra, if you have been a Christian for a while then I am sure you have heard of the band.  Petra was formed in 1972 and they made great music until their retirement in 2006.  They always lived up to the meaning of their name (Rock), I had a chance to see this band perform in concert in Puerto Rico, and I was blown away by the power of their music and ministry.  There are so many songs that I could and probably will share with you from this band.  This particular song Clean comes from the album Beat the System released in 1984.  This was the first album keyboardist John Lawry did with the band and the last album that Greg X. Volz (Lead Vocals) recorded with them.  Ok, ok I can hear you out there reminding me to keep it short so I will.  Clean is my sister's favorite Petra song, and I can understand why, it is a very catchy song with great lyrics.  We have been washed with the Redeeming Blood of Christ, remember you are Clean.  We are not perfect and we will stumble, but as the lyrics on this song say: "I've done nothing that His blood can't wash away, when I take it to the Cross and start to pray".  God Bless and enjoy the song by clicking on the link: Clean

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Starting With 3

UPDATE (MARCH 23, 2010) - Due to the Website that I was using to post music not working anymore, I am trying to update all the songs using YouTube...this will take some time..but hang in there...I was able to upload one song from this post "I'm Forgiven" click on the link in the post and it will take you to the song....thanks.
So I finally found a way to share great Classic Christian Music with you (who ever you are). It's an app. that some of the bloggers on this website turned me to, so thank you to them. I now have the ability to upload music and create playlists so that I can start sharing with you great Christian Classics. I am not sure right now how many songs I will share with you from post to post but for today let's start off with 3 great songs. You will actually have to read this week's post in its entirety before you get to the songs (unless you cheat and scroll to the end of this post).

The first song you will find on the play list is Trust in God a song from the Allies album Long Way From Paradise. I could have picked almost any song from this Album because to me they are all great (in future posts I will share some of their other songs from this Album). This was Allies fourth album which was released back in 89. Bob Carlisle who is better known for his song Butterfly Kisses is doing the vocals, he definitely had the voice that made this Christian Rock group stand out. Anyway, this song Trust in God was not only relevant during the early 90's but it is still relevant today. Trusting in God is the basic element of our Faith, if we can't Trust in God then how can we receive and or accept His forgiveness, His love and His blessings. We are to Trust in God in the morning, and in the evening, we are to Trust in God through the easy times and the difficult times. As Christians if we don't Trust in God how can we expect those who are not saved to Trust in Him. Ok enough "preaching" this particular song is more of a fast ballad than it is a fast paced rock song, I wanted to start you off nice and easy before we go full throttle!!

The second song comes from one of my all time favorite solo Christian singers, Bryan Duncan. He (Duncan) came onto the Christian Music scene as the lead singer for what I consider to be the best Christian Band of all time: Sweet Comfort Band, after the SCB disbanding Bryan went on to have (to this day) a great Solo career, he has received many Christian Music awards and even a Grammy. I will definitely be sharing with you many of his songs. The song I will share with you today is off his Holly Rollin' Album, if you were to buy this Album today you would have to pay a hefty price because this particular album is considered to be a collector's item. All of the songs in this album could've been #1's and no I won't be saying that about all songs I share with you. But, truly this is a phenomenal Album, lyrically and musically! This album came out in '86 and I really believe that if this album was to be re-released to the market today, it would top Christian Music charts!! Ok, so about the song, the song is titled: Remember Me and it is written from the perspective of the 2nd thieve that was crucified next to our Lord Jesus on Calvary. Listening to this song now a days has a much bigger significance to me than what it did back in the '80s as I was still very new in the faith. We had a preacher come to our Church last month that preached a Sermon on the 3 men who died in the Orchard of Calvary he preached that on that day one man died a Sinner, one man died a Saviour and because He did one man died a Saint, one man died in Sin, one man died for Sin and because He did one man died to Sin! Wow!! As I listen to this song I cant help but to think that we all have choices in our lives, some choose to die as sinners, and yet some of us choose to die to sin. Have you ever really taking the time to think about what our Lord did for us? How can we not be in awe of the great love that He has for us. Part of the lyrics of this song goes: "You're the King of a Nation, You're the Chosen One and You're hanging here with me to die" Our Savior, God's only Son, perfect in every way, who was without Sin took upon His shoulders the weight of the world's sin and died so that we can make that choice to die in sin or die to sin! Remember Me is a song that will make you reflect on the price our Lord payed for our sins.

Ok, on to the 3rd and last song for this blog. This last song comes from the group The Imperials, this band released their first album way back in 1964 and their last recorded album was released in 2006, the band had many a great talents that went on to have good solo careers to name two: Russ Taff and Paul Smith of which I will definitely be sharing some of their songs with you in the future. This group has so many albums that I would had never been able to acquire the entire collection, as it is to this date I have none of their albums but have been lucky enough to gather a few of their songs for my collection. This particular song has Russ Taff as lead vocals. It's a very catchy tune. Listen to this song and try not to move your feet or not move to the rhythm of wont be able to, especially if you take a good listen to the lyrics! The title of this song is I'm Forgiven, and we most certainly have been forgiven, as part of the lyrics say: "I'm Forgiven, now I have a reason for living" Enjoy the salvation you have in Christ because He forgave your sins!! I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do, until next time! Click on the Link: I'm Forgiven

Sunday, August 30, 2009


As I type this posting, I am currently converting a cassette to digital format so that I can upload it to my Itunes (Paul Smith's Back to Who I Am) a great "Album" but more on that on a later post. It is good to know that there are a few people reading this blog. I do appreciate it. I am a person that considers himself very blessed by the Lord. He has blessed me with an Awesome Wife, 2 handsome boys, a great job (one which I will be saying good bye to in a little over a year) the Lord has blessed me in many other things that I wont mention because I am not on here to brag, but to share some topics of great Christian Music of years past. And as I mentioned before I consider myself to be very blessed, in my first post, I talked about how I had lost through out the years most of my great collection of Christian Music that I once owned. I have been trying to build my collection back up again, by looking here there and everywhere. Well that brings me to the title of this post, on Friday my wife and I were riding together in my truck after we dropped her SUV off for some maintenance. It was early enough in the afternoon that we (mostly me) didnt feel like rushing back home, so we decided to just stop in a few stores to browse, the first store we stopped in did not bring about any good finds for me, or wait maybe it did, because my wife did buy a new non-stick frying pan and a Ginormous spatula which she christened by making me a DELICIOUS breakfast on Saturday, but I digress!!! After we finished at that store, we made a few other stops and just before we were to head home, Suzanne (my wife) wanted to stop in and look around in one of those Habitat Thrift Stores so me being the great husband that I am decided to oblige her and we went we are looking around the store going up and down the aisles of stuff they have, I came across an aisle that had Music, well I thought to myself that it wouldnt hurt to look, so I started to sort through the mess of tapes they had and to my great surprise I found Michael W. Smith's The Big Picture cassette, great "Album" with songs like Rocketown, Old Enough to Know and Lamu amongst other great songs. As I stood there with this incredible find in my hands, my interest in the pile of tapes grew strong. I made myself comfortable on the floor right there in that aisle ready to find at least one more great tape. Well, my efforts paid off because instead of finding 1 more tape I actually found 4 other great Christian Artists cassettes, 3 of which I had lost and 1 that I never had before. To me finding these tapes was like finding the Motherload, I am so glad that Suzanne wanted to stopped in that store to browse! What a great blessing this was to me. Just in case you are curious the other 4 tapes I found were: Bryan Duncan's Anonymous Confession of a Lunatic Friend (one of my favorite Bryan Duncan's albums), Sheila Walsh's Shadowlands, Russ Taff -self title album and Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart's Crack in the Sky. It is my desire to eventually be able to put some of these songs from these albums here on my blog. But what I will do is share this video with you. Thank You Leah for sharing with me how to be able to do this!! This video is from Bryan Duncan's Mercy Album. The lyrics on this song are so powerful!! Every time I listen to this song it really does minister to me. The title of the song is Love Takes Time, and for those of you who are in love, you will probably agree with me that Love does take time, we are not perfect people and in our relationships we have to allow love to take the time it needs to grow. As one who is a believer in God's Love for us I am tankful for how He loves me, and it is that way that I want to Love not only those who love me (because that is very easy) but to love those that don't! Thanks for reading!